Friday, March 05, 2010

Donner Extravaganza!

Today Al and Stoned Jesus headed up to Donner Lake to spend a weekend at the cabin. They decided to invite a friend to come along with them. A friend that has seen tough times as of late and needed a little get away, out of the public eye.

When they arrived at the cabin they got straight to work on building a snowman by the front door. As soon as they were finished their guest arrived!
"Get into my bed!"

"Settle down Tiger, it's only a snowman," said Al. Right away Al knew that the decision to bring Tiger may indeed backfire.

Cold, the threesome headed into the cabin to start the party off right with a couple drinks. "Get into my bed Al!"

That mango rum really did Al in and next thing he knew he was succumbing to Tiger's charms and being fed grapes. It wasn't long though before Al found himself in the same position he did last year, thankfully with Stoned Jesus there to take care of him!

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