Friday, March 12, 2010

Bloggers make great friends!

When I started this blog back in September of 2006, yep....almost FOUR YEARS AGO...I had no idea what I was doing or what I was getting myself into. What I knew was that I had family in Florida, family in Texas, family in Washington and friends in between. I knew that I was not a good "phone" person and that maybe this would be an easy way to keep those people informed about what was going on with me. I didn't make it a private blog cause I just figured, what the heck...if there were others out there that wanted to check in so be it.

I still definitely get questions from some that don't understand blogging and while I don't have an exact answer I just love doing it. I've tried stopping at times, thinking I'm over it, and typically it takes about a week for me to miss it and want to go back. I think blogging became most important to me when I had my knee injury. I was home, I was alone for most of the day, I was isolated and I was in SERIOUS PAIN. Blogging was my outlet into the outside world and during that time I found blogs of others that I have read ever since.

There is a slight weirdness to it at times. The thought that there are people all over the world who know about me, read about me and yet I have no idea who they are. On the other hand what I put out there on my blog is me 100% and if there is someone out there that relates to that and finds something interesting then I think that is awesome! Thank you, I'm glad you are here reading. This has become so much more than just keeping family informed. Wow, that was quite a rambling to just show you something cool!

I have a blogger that is my friend and her name is Carol. I've mentioned Carol before on here, especially at Christmas when she does her advent calendar. I've never met Carol face to face, although we did come close this year, I've never spoken to Carol on the phone. On the other hand I know more about Carol than I know about some of my friends that I do see and talk to. Carol and her husband Mike are good people. If I was going to Canada I would have no hesitation to even stay with them and not fear that I'd end up in a bathtub of ice with my kidney missing or something! I "met" Carol during my knee escapade and liked her right away. We had things in common, she made me laugh and through the years of commenting on each others blogs we have become friends. During the Olympics it was sooo fun reading Carol's blog as she was right in the heart of it. I dare say that Carol's blog may have been more fun than the actual Olympics....sorry Curling! One day Carol blogged about Quatchi, the adorable Olympic mascot. I commented that he was cute and the baby would love one. Just a general comment and yet Carol got one for the baby and sent it to me. Not only that but the Quatchi I got has mittens which makes him even cooler. It was touching, dare I say in my emotional pregnant state I got a little misty. She didn't have to do it, but she did and I'm so thankful to her.

To anyone that thinks, why do you blog? That is so weird! Don't you know they are a bunch of strangers and could be psycho? Do you really want these people to know things about you? I now have found my simple and straight forward answer. Bloggers make great friends!


Carol Browne said...

I know! We're not psychos at all! Yay for the bloggers. I've met a few bloggers and they do make good buddies. It's a real bonus when they live in your city, too.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Then there is the whole pregnant belly blogged for the world to see... ;^)

Melissa B. said...

Aaawwww, that is so sweet, almost brought tears to me too!

Sarah said...

I love blogging! You and I were friends in what, 5th grade? 4th? 3rd? My brain isn't functioning right now....but what I do know is that we got back in touch and without blogging, we'd have only probably shared a few emails back and forth and maybe caught up a little on Face Book. Through blogging, I seriously feel like we are friends.....and I've been a part of your life for those 4 years!!!! Yay for blogging!


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