Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baby Stuff

Like I mentioned yesterday, uh 5 minutes ago, I have found some items from when I was a baby and am going to try to incorporate some of them into the babies room. Let's take a looksy.
These were my two favorite stuffed animals. The cat is missing an eye, and let's not talk about how scary the bears eyes look in this photo. These might go on a shelf, but I'm just not sure yet. They are pretty worse for wear!!
These are my two blankets. Amazingly both are in EXCELLENT condition. I wasn't a blankie type of kid. Didn't drag them around, but do remember having the white one with me occasional in my bed. I LOVE that blanket now. It will most definitely be somewhere in the room. It is just too cute.I also ran across this silver set of a bowl, spoon and fork. It has my name engraved in the bowl. I think these are good shelf items, just need to clean the tarnish....how do you do that?
Finally we have three outfits. I loooove these and at least one of them will hang on a wall somewhere. I think it depends on if the baby is a boy or girl which one I will hang.

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