Monday, March 15, 2010

About Me

Getting ready for the baby I have been going through some items in my hope chest. My mom kept some items of mine when I was a baby and now I have them. I decided to take them out to see if I wanted to use anything, we'll see more of those items tomorrow (or in 5 minutes when I do the post for Tuesday..ha!)

One thing that was in the box of goods was my stats and I thought I'd share these all with you and tell you a little about me.I was born January 17th, 1976....I was due February 29th, 1976. It was leap year that year and I was roughly 6 weeks early. My mom was on her way to her baby shower when I decided to break the water and get this party started. As you can see, while I was only 5lbs I was still 19 inches. A long and lean little sucker. You may have also noticed that I was Severson "A." My mom spent her pregnancy being told that there was only one baby in there, and when she went to deliver it was finally sprung on her that there would be two babies. Severson "B" would be my brother Steven, who unfortunately did not make it very long. I wanted the party to start early while he preferred to have more time.

Some of you may also not know that my hubby is also a twin. A twin born on January 10th, 5 years before me. We had a good shot of having twins and if we keep having babies then that may happen. For now, I'm content with the one. Another thing I noticed on this card is that January 17th is a Saturday so I can only assume that I not only broke the water, but was literally born the same day as the almost 6pm. Wow, seems like a quick delivery! Mom will have to confirm that one! I'm hoping to get on that quick delivery list myself, but the early delivery one I would be more than happy to stay off of!

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