Friday, February 19, 2010

Remember This?

Some of you may remember last year when I found this gem at a thrift store for $9....It was love at first site and while at the time I didn't have kids, or any kids on the horizon I decided to purchase it anyway. I mean, it was $9!!! The first time my nephew Ethan saw the desk he fell in love. He would play school whenever he came to the house using the desk and my chalkboard. I knew right away that Ethan should own the desk, but I didn't think it should be pink and green. So I asked him what his favorite color was and he answered, "Lellow and Black."

The goal was to get this desk made over by Christmas, but that obviously didn't happen. With the help of my hubby and some good weather we were finally able to finish the project and I must say that I am impressed. This just goes to show how you can turn something that was only $9 into something that is priceless!A big thanks to the hubby who helped me finish this. There is no better planning then wanting to redo something that involves spray paint when you are pregnant!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

STACEY that is soooo fantastic! You are the most clever person :)

Carol Browne said...

That is completely amazing! It turned out great. Love it. But a kid who plays school? Whoa. He must be super smart. The smartest of all the nephews, right?

amy said...

soooo cool!

Peptogirl said...

It turned out great! Love the school lettering on the front too! Cute!


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