Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Most of my life I have had shorter hair. I had it long as a kid, then went with my dad to chop it all off. Then I grew it out again and then my senior year of highschool I cut it chin length and never looked back. From that point on I would try to grow it out and as soon as it hit my shoulders I would hate it and hack it all off. Sometimes to the chin, sometimes even boy short.

Then there was the color. I started playing around with coloring my hair at 17 and in the next 15 years I would go from blond to red to black to calico. Then I got old. I really don't know what changed, but I just started wanting my hair to be close to what my natural color used to look like. Coloring it was a pain in the ass and was getting more and more expensive by the day. Same with cutting. I decided that I just wanted it to be long. Actually, I want it to be really long, like past my breasts, but above my waist. Just for once I have to see what it's like to have hair like that. Of course, I chose the time to do it when there will be a child that will want to tug on it, but timing isn't everything. Cause what I can tell you with my there has never been a more right time to grow it out. It's growing thick and it's growing fast. Whenever I would brush my hair after a shower before I would lose a small animal each time. Now, only 2-3 hairs. The color is probably the most natural looking it has been since I was 17 as well. The rumors are definitely true, pregnancy hair is kick ass!


Melissa B. said...

Beautiful, just like you!

Pink Petunia Designs said...

It is true! I loved it. Yours looks fantastic and you have beautiful natural color to your hair. I stopped coloring mine two years ago and haven't since. Can't believe how expensive it is getting. Looks awesome!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

seems like except for the nausea at first, this pregnancy thing has been, I dunno how to put it, fun? Good for you? Different? :)

Anonymous said...

so perdy!


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