Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Milk Slingers

The time had come. Time for me to come to terms with the fact that after 26 weeks of pregnancy I might need a new bra. Bras are a pain in my ass. We'll just be honest here and say that I don't have the smallest breasts so finding bras that fit, are comfortable and still are somewhat sexy is a task much like finding the holy grail. Typically I can find them at Nordstrom, but man the price is enough to start promising them my first children in exchange for a nice bra. So, being this far into things I decided that I'd just go ahead and get nursing bras. That way, as long as the girls don't get to out of control, I can wear them later...you know, when I'm nursing. What an experience that was. I love the bras I got, and trust me...they feel so much better than what I was cramming myself into. On they other hand, oh heavens are they not attractive. Let's be honest, those of us without children have spent most of their lives seeing their breasts as something sexy, something attractive to the opposite and maybe same sex. Wow, does that perspective change once you sling on a nursing bra. You then instantly realize that you are a milk factory. Your breasts are there for substance and you now must hold them up and be able to pop them out at a moments notice. It's a weird concept to grasp hold of, but I will say that I feel better with them supported in milk slingers than I did in my fancy bras of late.

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