Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Incredible!

I had the luxury of spending another fun filled day with my niece and nephew from Washington. They were in town visiting and after our last good adventure I figured this nice day off would be the perfect day to hang out. We decided to go back to John's Incredible Pizza. Such a fun place for kids and definitely takes me back to my time as a kid at Chuck E Cheese. This time the kids knew that tickets meant buying prizes so there was a bigger focus on tickets. The best part about the tickets though is seeing what the kids got and seeing them put to use!We also met up with some friends so the kids didn't have to ride the rides by themselves. Their first ride was a spinning one and my friend Victoria made sure that their car spun around the entire time. The kids were soo excited and it was such fun to see them on the ride.
Andrea (on left) laughed and threw her hands up on occasion. Hayden (on right) had a huge grin on his face while he kept a death grip on his seat and looked straight ahead...loving every minute of it!

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