Sunday, January 31, 2010

Touch Me

This weekend I have spent a decent amount of time playing with my iPod touch. It's really like having a little laptop. I wish it connected to the internet through something other than Wifi..but I guess that is why you buy an iPhone.

My main mission was to find some applications that I would use. The first was Pandora, which I love. I also heard that there are some good pregnancy applications so I searched out and found one I like called Baby Bump. It lets me track my weekly status, lets me track kicks when I have to start doing that and also has a contraction calculator when the time comes. How very modern. Finally I was onto games. I found two that were 99 cents and had great reviews. The first was The Moron Test. Hilarious fun game that can make your brain crazy! So worth the 99 cents. I also purchased Shopping Cart Hero. Soo simple and so fun. Fly a shopping cart and try not to break your head open.

What applications do you recommend?

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