Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Meet Joan

Tonight something amazing happened...something I have been waiting for and should have done a loooonnnng time ago. Tonight, I got a massage by Joan! If you know who I am talking about you are probably thinking, "Oh a Joan massage, I better schedule one of those soon." For those that don't know who she is, or possibly live too far away to be able to know who she is...I am so sorry.

I have known Joan for "GULP" 22 years. I moved into a new neighborhood when I was 12 and decided that I wanted to be a babysitter. I passed out fliers and Joan responded so I started watching her kids Cory and Amanda. It is kids like these that make me feel OLD. I used to carry Cory into his room and now he could probably carry and body slam me...it's a scary thought.

When I first met Joan she wasn't doing massage. In fact, to be honest, I don't know what she did for work. To me, she was a painter and had photos like this around the house. (Click to visit link) Do you know who that is? It was always one of my favorite paintings. It was a magazine ad with Cindy Crawford and I always thought she captured it perfectly. If it wouldn't have been weird as a 12 year old girl to have a painting of a naked women hanging in my room I probably would have tried to get my mom to buy it for me!

Years have passed, obviously, and for many of those years Joan has done massage. She is still a painter and a yoga instructor and just overall one of the most positive energy people you will ever meet. Back to the massage. I seriously have NEVER gotten a massage that came close to a Joan massage. I've had massages in far away "massage friendly" towns and spent hundreds of dollars only to walk out and think...man that could have been two Joan massages. I've tried the Massage Envy and wasn't envious at all. When Joan gives you a massage you can feel it. I swear if she felt like it would help to massage you with her legs and feet she would. She uses her hands and her arms and the weight of her body and while a small women you would think you were being massaged by Shaquille O'Neal. Also, her hands get SOOOOO warm. Seriously, you have a massage by Joan and you will be a changed person.

She just started doing massage in a new studio in Carmichael at the Saha Yoga and Wellness Center. If you live anywhere near Sacramento, like within an hour or maybe even two drive I highly suggest that you give Joan a call and set up an appointment. Screw Sonoma and their high priced studios! It is a blessing to be massaged by Joan, and even more of a blessing to know her!

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