Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I'm supposed to feed it?!

Since I've been pregnant I have crazy dreams. I've always been a dreamer and someone that remembers my dreams but the crazy dreams were pretty random until the baby started growing. Now at times I have dreams that I think I would be committed for if I shared them. There seriously could be an entire blog just of crazy dreams. The one thing that hasn't been in the dreams much is the baby ironically. Until now. Now it seems that each night the baby is the main topic of the dreams.

The first baby dream was just the other night and it is just too hilarious not to share. See, before falling asleep I was reading a pregnancy book. I haven't been a big advocate of these books because most seem to want to scare you and seriously, I'm scared enough as it is. I found one that I like that is rather funny though so I've been reading it occasionally.

When I fell asleep I was actually dreaming about myself sitting in bed and reading a baby book. Only this book was about what you should be doing post baby. So as I sat there in the dream, full of bliss about the baby and reading this new informational book I came about a section on feeding the baby. Suddenly the panic started to set in a my mind I was thinking, "I'm supposed to feed it?!" So...I kept reading. There on the next page was a chart, very similar to what you would find on a dog food bag that compared age and weight to how many cups that baby should be getting each day. In the dream the baby was 22 weeks old, but outside of me...not inside. So I figured it out on the chart and realized that this baby is supposed to be getting 5 cups of milk already.....and I haven't fed it once! Freaking out I pick up the tiny baby, who is totally alive and healthy looking mind you after 22 weeks of not eating. I then scamper around the house trying to find something to feed this baby with and finally throw the bottle together. As I cradle the baby in my arms and go to put the bottle in its mouth the baby has suddenly turned into a puppy.

The moral of this dream.....I am scared out of my whits at the thought of taking care of a baby and wondering if I will do a good job and apparently feel that I am only capable of taking care of a puppy. The end.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

you will be number one A plus mommy :)

Som's Studio said... will be just fine!! Hugs.


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