Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good Stuff!

It all started with that watch. Sometimes one great score can lead to another and another! I got a couple late Christmas gifts this past weekend, one a gift card for Old Navy and the other this great snap scarf by Free People which I can't stop wearing. Basically it has snaps all the way down both sides which lets you wrap it all sorts of ways. On Monday I had the day off so Wendy and I went to Babies R Us to do my registry...boy was that overwhelming! Afterwards we went to Old Navy to see what was on their clearance racks. They were offering an additional 50% off the clearance prices. Oh heavens, was that one of the best Old Navy trips ever! I seriously got a shirt for $1.25...but my favorite find was this coat. It was $20!!!! It's not maternity but because it only has the three buttons it totally works cause my belly just pops out the opening..which I think is kind of cute. Then for my birthday I got a $50 Macy's giftcard. I was going to use it on perfume, but damn if I don't smell good enough already! Instead I found these great suede boots on clearance for 50% off. All this great stuff is really keeping me inspired to dress cute while pregnant...and I plan to do just that!


Carol Browne said...


You need a jacket? Don't you live in California? I thought it was always sunny and you all only wore bikinis.

Who knew?

Pretty Crafty Thang said...

That jacket is awesome! I LOVE sales!!!


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