Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Boppys and blankets and bottles...oh my!

I have discovered that something that is both fun and stressful when getting ready for the first baby is registering. Unlike registering for a wedding, you are entering a world of items that you didn't even know existed. A world of items that has you wondering...do I need all of this? Then comes the other difficult decision...where to register. I figured I was pretty limited to Target or Babies R Us. Then I discovered a whole new world of registering...a world called Amazon! There is something so convenient about picking out items from the privacy of my home and items that come from all sorts of shops that seems to make it a little bit easier. I know not everyone buys of the web though so I will also be registering at Babies R Us. I'm a bit afraid to walk into that store but I have a friend going with me for protection. Man, there is alot of stuff you need when having a baby! You can check out my registry so far, here!

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Wendy G said...

Your welcome :) Should be fun!


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