Thursday, January 21, 2010

25 Weeks

In just three weeks I'll be in the third trimester...the home stretch! Incredible! The baby is the size (weight) of a rutabaga. I've added weight in there because sometimes the fruit/vegetable is reference of length and sometimes it's girth so I thought I'd make it a bit more specific.

How far along: 25 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I gained 4lbs in the last 4 weeks. That's a total of 8lbs...not bad for the 25 week mark!

Stretch marks: Still the same here. I've heard this is a hereditary thing and thankfully my mom got none..even with twins!

Sleep: I like to call it napping with pee breaks in between.

Movement: I still don't feel like the movement is trackable. While it happens daily it is very random as to when it is going to happen. Sometimes it's low, sometimes higher...although still low most of the time. Still don't have too many movements that you can feel through my tummy.

Food cravings: Lemonade...especially from that Hot Dogs on a Stick place. I also could smell donuts yesterday and went and got one today and it was perfect, so I think perhaps I was craving a donut.

Frustrations: Achy hips.

What I miss: Moving easily. Things are slower, especially when it involves getting up or getting down!

Weekly Wisdom: If you think walking into a baby store to register is going to be easy, you are insane. Can you say overwhelming?!

Milestones: Someone said, " far along are you?" It was so nice to hear that from someone that wasn't told I was pregnant.

It's been 5 weeks so I thought I'd give you another belly shot because there is just nothing that I like more. I actually don't think there is that much difference between week 20 and 25. The baby has dropped and the belly doesn't just stick straight out, it more hangs. I think it's actually slimming the rest of my body all the weight is focusing in the belly. I'm totally fine with that. I think we'll see a bigger difference around week 30. I'm also going to have some professional pictures taken and I can't wait for those. I'm going to do those pretty late, around 36 weeks...and no I will not be making a heart with my hands and putting it on my belly. I want them to be both a celebration of the tummy and a celebration of me...something to make me feel sexy. Stay tuned!


Pretty Crafty Thang said...

When I read your comment about the heart hands on the belly, I laughed out loud - at work!

Miracle Pending said...

Cute bump! Sigh, this reminds me of how much I miss being pregnant. Enjoy it while you can :)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

LE BABY!!!! Much better than a rutabaga :)

Som's Studio said...

OMG! I did not know...Congratulations! I will look forward to your updates. :)

Trish P. said...

I love your updates! So glad to hear it's been a healthy pregnancy overall:) xoxo


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