Friday, December 18, 2009

Ultrasounds are fun!

As I already said, yesterday was my ultrasound. This was my first through the tummy ultrasound and a chance for us to have a look at the baby while the techs take pictures of vital organs and such. I was excited and also nervous for this to happen. The "what if they see something wrong" set in but once the hubby and I were in the room the excitement took over.

The tech started and pointed out various things....there's the heart, there's the gallbladder. I can assure you that while the hubby and I said "Oh yeah", we saw absolutely nothing. Unfortunately the baby was not in a good position though and they were having a tough time getting the images. So, they asked me to go pee...seeing how my bladder was bigger than the baby. They figured this might get the baby to move. It did...into a tighter ball. They then brought in the "Baby Whisperer" tech who is supposedly the master at getting the baby to move. I'll tell you what she is really the master of, torturing the hell out of you until you are ready to cry in pain because it feels as if she is going to push the ultrasound wand through your stomach. Luckily she gave up and asked if I could come back later after a meal. They gave me a picture to take to show what position the baby was in.
There you go. Aren't you looking at that going "What the heck am I looking at?" Well, let me illustrate it for you so it's easier for you to see. Yep, the baby is folded in half. Folded in half and taking up only half of the space that it has to work with inside. My little taco. Rest assured it does have arms as well..I just can't figure out where they are in this photo! My theory is that this means the baby is going to grow up to be a diver. Don't you see a similarity??

Needless to say I went back and the baby had moved around so they were able to get what they needed. Here is the final pic I was sent home with. I'll leave it to you to figure this one out!


Kerri T. said...

I"m holding up a judges sign that says "perfect 10'!!!

Meghan said...

Umm why does the last pic look like there are two in there!

Stacey B said...

Let's not confuse the babies belly (which looks like a teddy bear face) with another baby! I can assure you...there is just one!!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

TWINS!!! You'll need to think of two names :)

Carol Browne said...

I thought there were 2 in there at first glance as well.

I hope the whole diving baby makes the birthing process easier. Maybe he/she will just spring out! BOING!

It could happen.

Ruth said...

taco'd. awesome!! haha

Sarah said...

I definitely see two! Guess that's why I am not an ultrasound tech!


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