Sunday, December 06, 2009

Two fer Tuesday!

Except it's Sunday. I seem to have a desire to post two humiliating photos of myself in a row though so just go with it. We're here to discuss the bump. When looking at the photo I myself see quite a few bumps! The belly is in full force and has grown with each day this past week. Normal tops slide up, as you can see in the photo. Don't worry, I don't wear that out of the house like that. No, instead I just post it online for thousands (ok all 40 of you) to see.

Being a full size woman posting a picture of my stomach is not an easy thing to do, but golly there is a baby in there and I feel like I deserve to revel in it as much as the skinny girls with the cute round bellies do. I've never been one to have a pouchy round stomach so you are looking at all baby there. My butt on the other hand, always pouchy and round as much as I'd like to convince myself that maybe there is another baby living in there too. I thought maybe the Christmas lights would be a small distraction!

On a side note, I've watched my fair share of Ghost Hunters. When ghosts are present there are sometimes these orbs in the photos or film. If this shows up in every picture of my belly I'm going on record to say that I'm going to FREAK OUT.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

LE BABY! let's see, bigger than a red pepper now would be, um, almost as big as a cantalope?

Sarah said...

Love the baby belly!! You look great!

Carol Browne said...

Dood, don't even worry about it. That's what I look like after dinner every night.

Way to grow, baby!


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