Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Today I went thrift store shopping with my mom and friend Melissa. I scored some pretty great stuff! To add to my collection, I found this Fisher Price Family House for $2.99! Now I just really need to find some people and accessories. Those are the hardest. Also scored a ton of records, a vintage Mr. Happy book, a fish pattern baby sling, a cowboy pattern blanket, a baby sleeper and some wooden blocks. All in all a fun thrifty day!


Peptogirl said...

We just sold one of hese from my grandma's house for $1! I wanted to keep it sooo bad but it was in really bad condition. I might be able to get you a few people, I'll check next time I go over there.

sactrippers said...

Wow - this brings back a ton of memories!! Go to ebay, you are sure to find the people there.


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