Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Having a great time up in Oly with the family for Christmas. Hope everyone else had a good day and enjoyed all the goodies they got, or just time with those they love. This year the hubby and I decided to do a family gift and got a new Blu-ray player and put a limit on the gifts we could get eachother to wrap under the tree. I finally got the Pioneer Woman Cookbook and plan to put it to good use (you hear that G?!) I also got two board games cause I LOVE board games. The hubby went with some classics.....

Mouse Trap! I had NEVER played this before but it is sooo fun. I've been playing with the niece and nephew and I have to say I love it. Also the game of Life.Man, do I remember playing this a ton as a kid. It is quite a bit different now seeing how you can buy a flat plasma TV, but still super fun none the less. When looking for photos I sometimes get struck by something that comes up in the Google Images search and seriously...check this out!

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Vicki =o) said...

We have a TON of games over here (including the 2 you just mentioned). Only Nicole and I play, and sometimes it just isn't as fun playing w/ just 2 people. Feel free to come over and play games w/ us ANYtime.


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