Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The freaks come out at night....

There is something interesting that has started to happen at night. It starts after dinner and then as soon as my head hits the pillow it intensifies! The baby is a night owl. In the past week I have started to feel more than just the vibrating flutter. While I still get that at times I also get a sliding around feeling inside, which feels like the baby is doing flips.

Within the past couple of days I have really started to feel the individual kicks and pushes. I have to admit...they are kind of uncomfortable. It is such a weird alien feeling, I mean you really know something is growing in there. The slipping around I get a kick out of, but sometimes I can get a kick that makes me yelp a bit. I think the baby is still messing around with my bladder and that's what is getting kicked most of the time. Funny as I just typed this, in the morning, the baby just kicked me. I am really loving the feeling of movement and find it interesting that while I've had over 20 weeks to get used to the fact that I'm having a baby it's like the notion that something is really alive in there only happened recently when the heavy movement began. I look forward to when people can feel it from the outside.


Sarah said...

I loved that feeling....I guess Kate never kicked or punched me too hard. I have a funny video of Kate sloshing around in my belly, in the mid 30 weeks. Anyway, the baby probably is moving more at night because when you're up and about the walking rocks the baby to sleep. This can be a bad thing when they are born and used to being up at night!!! =P

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Omigosh, what an athlete you are growing!!!!


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