Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas Time!

Last weekend we went to Apple Hill and got our tree. We were going to do a trip with the family up to the Redding area, but the hubby was under the weather so mom and I drove up to Apple Hill for a day of tree fun. It was actually painless and we found a great tree at the first place we stopped. We go with the colorful hodge podge decorating theme. You can find fishing stuff, Snoopy, Nascar, and general Christmas. I love it!It looks so bare in this photo but I can assure you that there are a lot of ornaments hiding in there..and look already packages thanks to Mom! I also put out our few Christmas decorations around the house and thought I'd show you my favorite one...I know you are probably thinking it's the Iron Maiden box set, but actually it would be The Grinch. See, the Grinch is one of my favorite Christmas stories. Long ago at a job far far away I participated in a Secret Santa. The rules were that you had to gift every other day for two weeks and then give a gift costing no more than $5 on the final day. Only problem was I wasn't getting any gifts. Everyone was getting all this crazy good stuff and I had nothing. After week one of no gifts I started getting vocal with my coworker that sat on the other side of the cubicle from me about how awful my Secret Santa was. A day or two later I got a candy cane. I really bitched more then. I waited a week and a half for a stinking candy cane?! Finally the reveal came and boy was I ready to really glare at my Secret Santa. Unfortunately for me, my Secret Santa had been the coworker on the other side of the cubicle the whole time. You know, the one I bitched to constantly about the lameness of my Secret Santa. I was mortified and learned the lesson that it's best to not be a greedy bitch and to keep your mouth shut! He gave me the Grinch...which cost way more than $5...cause he knew that it was my favorite. I have put him out every year since and even bought the dog to go with him...he's on the other side of Iron Maiden!


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