Friday, November 06, 2009

Take care Bob!

These are my in-laws. I know that for many the in-laws are a thorn in their side. Luckily for me they are more family to love. I love my in-laws. I actually love my entire extended family that my hubby gave me, but that could be a whole other post in its self. Put simply, when you have Ball blood running through your veins you are good people.

Today my father in law is under going an open heart surgery. Before I came into the picture, over 11 years ago, my father in law had a heart replacement. As of late he is having some troubles with a valve and it needs to be repaired/replaced. I'm not a very religious girl, but I will be praying all day today to whoever is listening to take care of Bob during his surgery. I was just hoping maybe all of you could do the same.


Debbie said...

I"m recovering from surgery myself and will definitely send some good vibes towards Bob and your family.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lorrie said...

Whoever you are, anonymous, go away

Andrea said...

That was very nice of you to say that. I thought it was very sad. I miss my grandpa alot.


Rain said...

Just said my prayer! Good luck to you & your family! Much love & Hugs!!! :D

aquafan said...

If I had a second dad, Bob was he. Thanks for posting this. I wouldn't have found out otherwise. He is a hell of a man. Thank god we live in a time when this type of surgery is in the "routine" category. I'll be thinking of him and can't wait to hear the next update!


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