Monday, November 30, 2009

Sho Fly!

Dear Bath and Body Works Lotion Slinger,

Let me start by saying I have been where you are. I wore the gingham apron for years, I told people the benefits of shower gel and a loofah puff. I washed hands, I lotioned phalanges. Here is one thing I didn't do. I didn't follow people around like a serial killer armed with product. I didn't point out every item on every shelf in hopes that maybe there was something you weren't seeing with your own eyes. I didn't say "That's all your getting?," when someone finally came up to the register. I know you are in the store alone. I know you are bored. I know the Christmas music is already getting to you and it's not even December. On the other hand if you keep pestering me I'm going to show how a loofah puff can make an excellent gag as I tie you up with raffia.

Thank you,
Crazy Pregnant Lady


Kerri T. said...

AMen sister ...i cringe when I step into that meringue looking store now!!

Peptogirl said...

Those Bath & Body Works employees can be pretty pushy, huh? I want to say "Sorry, but I'm really only here to buy the least possible amount in order to get the free item my coupon is for." lol.


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