Friday, November 27, 2009

Let me see you one two step!

I have fantastic news. Bob is doing excellent! He had a trecheostomy and things turned around quickly. He is now breathing on his own without the assistance of the vent!! We went to visit him yesterday to wish him a Happy Thanksgiving and when we got there physical therapy was working with him so we waited in the hall. All of a sudden, over the curtain, popped up Bob's beautiful face. It was enough to take my breath away and open the flood gates. After 3 weeks in the bed, this was such a huge feat! He then took a couple steps with a walker and sat in a chair upright for an hour or so. Such an amazing thing to happen on Thanksgiving and an amazing thing to be thankful for! Keep up all the good thoughts for Bob, he's coming along!

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aquafan said...

So good to hear! Thanks for keeping us posted on his progress and sharing the good news!
-BenLogan BenLogan BenLogan


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