Saturday, November 07, 2009

Bob Update

Thanks to all of you that sent your well wishes on Facebook and the blog. I'm happy to say that Bob came through the surgery great. The valve had to be replaced but the surgeon was happy with how the surgery went. Right now he is in ICU and probably will be for a couple days at least. We will be seeing him later today and I'll be taking all your love and support with me when I go.

On a side note, having a blog means that you get solicitations. I have always tried to make leaving comments easy and therefore have been stuck with the occasional spam comment selling me this or that. Yesterday I got one of those and just about lost my shit. The fact that someone pays no attention to what the blog posting is about and just tries to sell some Viagra is unbelievable to me. I did a rather vulgar "tweet" about it and I apologize for my foul mouth. I've learned a side effect of the pregnancy is a potty mouth and the ability to want to kill someone with my bare hands. So, that said, I have had to add one of those ridiculous "what is this word" things to verify the real people from the fake. I hope it doesn't keep your comments away!

Thanks again for all of your caring words!


Anonymous said...

Great news. Very glad to hear everything went well. Hopefully I'll see you guys around thanksgiving.

Matt B.


mommyd said...

I am happy that Bob is doing well after surgey and pleased that Stacey has such wonderful in-laws...Thank You Bob and Joan! and thanks for giving me such a great son-in-law.
NOW...This has to do with Potty Mouth, one of the many side affects of pregnancy.
In 1976, when on the delivery table with the "Stace"... the nurse was trying to get my feet in the sturps. You gals out there know the STURPS. There must have been a "small person" on the table before me...AND at 5'9", it wasn't gonna agony (with my knees at my chinny-chin chin) I said calmly to the nurse, "what are you trying to do, break my f*>$ing legs?" Believe calmly? The nurse then apologized and maked the needed adjustment. Aren't they saints??? mommyd

Lorrie said...

Pregnancy or not....sometimes you just have to use the Potty Mouth!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

BE vulgar :)

Sarah said...

Glad to hear your FIL is doing better also! I'm still going to comment, but I'm just way behind on blogs lately and catching up. But I'm still here. =)


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