Sunday, November 22, 2009

The annual turkey party!

Last night was the annual turkey party! I have been so thankful to be eating good the last week because I really wanted to enjoy the yummy food. I took it easy on myself this year and had guests bring lots of stuff so I only had to do the stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy. Bill smoked the turkey too of course.

Between the food, the friends, the drinks and the kids...I have to say that the highlight of my night was this...

Audrey! She is my friend Jaymi and Tom's daughter and she seriously is the cutest kid on the planet. Between the red curly hair and the perfectly adorable friendly personality it is hard not to watch and fall in love with her. I think she left many at the party wishing for a child just like her...I think even some of the men had aches in their uterus. To top it off, Whisky was IN LOVE WITH HER. He could be found following her around and licking her face as much as possible. I think I want 5 children now.

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