Friday, November 20, 2009

Action Packed!

I decided to take the day off work today and take my niece and nephew for a day of fun in Sacramento...or Roseville...well and actually a little Lincoln too! They slept over on Thursday and filled themselves to the gills with Wii. Our first stop on Friday was Strikes bowling alley in Lincoln. The kids bowled two games, each winning one. It was a pretty fun site and luckily no one was injured in the tossing of the balls! The next stop...John's Incredible Pizza. If you haven't been or heard of it, think Chuck E Cheese on uppers and without the creepy characters. Hayden was so excited when we got in he said, "I'm so excited about this I have to pee." You know that is real excitement there! They each got cards with 90 points and played games and rode rides to their hearts content..or till the 90 credits ran out! Then they traded their tickets in for prizes. Hayden went with a Whoopie Cushion (big surprise there) and a parachuting alien. Andrea, a princess address book and swirly straw. The fun didn't stop there though because I was really shooting for the best aunt on the planet award. On the way back home we stopped at a large thrift store called Deseret. Each of the kids got $10 to pick out ANYTHING they wanted. Much to my surprise, they both ended up with clothes! Andrea knew immediately that she wanted some high heels and picked out the reddest pair in the bunch...and then looked for a dress and necklace to match. Hayden went with some soccer shoes, a Transformer and a crazy Spiderman shirt. I have to say, this was the funnest day that I've had in a long time. No matter how sick I have been I was definitely reminded how much I look forward to children in my life. Thanks Hayden and Andrea for the fun day...I hope I won the super Aunt award!

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