Monday, October 12, 2009

Week 10

So, blogging every day is probably not going to happen. I have a feeling it's going to come and go depending on how I'm feeling and what I've been up to. When I haven't been up to alot...then no bloggy. It's funny how when you become a daily blogger there is this general feeling that you are letting your blog readers down if you don't post something everyday. I read so many blogs that don't post daily and I never think they are letting me down! It's just funny how that happens.

Another thing I've decided is I don't want to turn Pillsplace into a baby blog. This blog has always been about everything. Some of it personal, some of it random, some of it ridiculous. I plan on keeping it that way. Granted, I'm having a baby so I'm sure there is going to be alot to say about that but for now I'm thinking just a once a week update will suffice.

I'm 10 weeks. This is definitely an experience. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't. I think that's natural and I'm not afraid to admit it. I think many times women candy coat what they went through during their pregnancy. I say this cause as soon as you are pregnant the real stories start coming out! I've really always wanted to be pregnant. Now, don't get me wrong, I wasn't one of those kids that was aiming to be on a tv show entitled "My Young Daughter Is About To Be A Mother." I guess what I'm saying is not only did I want to have a baby...I just wanted to be pregnant. I've always been drawn to pregnant women, and yes...I'm one of those that will try to touch your tummy. But, I will always ask!

Here is what the past 10 weeks have felt like.

Weeks 4-5 Discovered I was knocked up. Had to pee every single hour. Ate normal.

Weeks 6-7 Suddenly hoped on the tilt a whirl and found myself nauseous almost all day every day. Tried ever ginger product on the market, realized I hate ginger. Wore anti-nausea wrist bands which worked until I wore them too much. Ate white things: white rice, bread, bagels. Lost 9 pounds.

Week 8 Started feeling a little bit better, able to eat a big more. HATE things that are the color green. Get salad in whenever I can cause it's the only green I can take. Hate milk, hate handling meat, hate people that wear perfume, hate the air freshener in the work bathroom and want to rip it off the wall and stomp on it until it dies.

Week 9-10 See "Week 8". Can put milk in cereal now. Still want to kill the air freshener. I would rather smell a crappy toilet than country potpourri...just saying! Tired ALL THE TIME. Never feel rested. Fall asleep within 5 minutes of shutting my eyes. Wake up to pee EVERY night at 4am, fall promptly back asleep. Can take a 3 hour nap and go to bed two hours later. Don't like eating sweets, only exception is frozen yogurt and rainbow sherbet. Lost another 4 pounds. Doctor has assured this is normal and everything is fine.

Thinking I should wear this for Halloween.Certain to get hit on a ton while wearing it. Especially if I wear it with fishnets.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Stacey you are the absolute COOLEST :)

Pink Petunia Designs said...

Love the candidness of your post. All of true. All of it normal. Sometimes it sucks, sometimes it doesn't. The peeing will get better and then get way worse in the end waking up about every few hours between the peeing and just general insomnia. I always think it is a cruel joke that you don't get much sleep in the end before baby is born because that is when you most need it. Hang in there. Month four, five and six are less symptomatic and more enjoyable.

Ruth said...

i lost weight from all the nausea too. never could understand when other women said that they LOVED being pregnant... the 1st trimester majorly sucked for me. you are not alone!!
p.s. i hate ginger too. sniffing lemon lime gatorade temporarily helped. i know that sounds weird, but it worked for me at the moment. =P


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