Sunday, September 13, 2009


Tonight I watched the MTV VMA awards. It's actually pretty rare that I watch these shows. I used to love them, but now I just find them boring and many times don't have very many artists that I want to see perform. This time around, I had to tune in. The main reason...I had to see what kind of outfits Lady Gaga was going to sport. Crazy, but I find this woman oddly fascinating and frightening all at the same time. Boy oh boy did she not disappoint last night!
It seemed like each time I saw her she was in a different outfit. Was she changing in the bathrooms? I heard someone describe her as the Grace Slick of our time and I'd have to say that is the best description I have heard yet. Sadly, I missed her performance but I'm sure it will be re-aired a million times or there is always YouTube.

Of course I can't talk about the VMA's without a mention of the "Kanye/Taylor Swift debacle." I found it sad, and staged all at the same time. The only person that did not seem to be in on it was Taylor herself who looked about ready to crumble on the stage. I really have a feeling it wasn't staged, but sometimes I just don't trust what I see on tv because let's face LOOOOOOOVES drama. Either way, Kanye is still a douche.


Anonymous said...

Lady Gaga fascinates me too! I'm not really into her music, but can't stop staring at her.

I read on CNN this morning that the Kanye/Taylor scene wasn't staged. Hmmm. I recorded it (so I could fast forward the commercials, ahhh technology)...can't wait to see the craziness tonight though!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Ugh, I mean, kanye, have some CLASS.

Sarah said...

Only have seen the beginning of the VMAs so far, but that did include Kanye and I just can't believe that he'd douche himself out just for MTV. I've never seen someone prove themselves to be a bigger piece of shit so quickly in my life.

Much like MJ, I like Kanye's music, but sometimes the crap you pull in life just trumps it. Douche is the perfect term for him. Well said.


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