Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Elevator Sagas

Yes, things just keep getting weirder in the elevators here at my office. To recap: I've been stuck twice. Both times having to pry the doors open like She-Ra. I'm cursed by floor number 3. Pretty much every time I go into the elevator it stops at floor 3....and NO ONE IS THERE. My friend Judy has now experienced when she is with me in the elevator and is convinced that I am cursed by that floor. Last week I was trying to go home, got in the elevator and PUSHED floor three myself instead of ground floor. It's really getting to me!

Friday there was a little party in an office on my floor. The hallway smelled like beanie weenies and you could hear lots of hooting and hollering. At the end of the day Judy and I got in the elevator with three "gentlemen" holding red keg cups. Now please keep in mind that these are CORPORATE office buildings. Most people are in suits and ties or at least corporate office attire. I can assure you it wasn't apple cider in their keg cups. As we are going down one of these fine men starts ripping farts. Like multiple times. Unbelievable! I still can't figure out what kind of weird planet I am on when I'm in the elevators here but I'm not sure I like it!


Vicki =o) said...

Have you ever gotten off on the 3rd floor? Maybe something / someone is trying to tell you something. Step out and see what's there.

The Home Ec Teachers Daugter said...

Oh man my office is just about the same but in the middle of no where so they think they can wear whatever they please. Half the time I'm out here alone but i don't mind get to blast some music!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

beanie weenies?

The Bead Shoppe said...

Having a "Becoming John Malcovich" expirence?


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