Sunday, August 23, 2009

Moustache anyone?

A while back I signed up to participate in a Pay It Forward project with the blog Little T Jane. The deal was that I would get a little surprise goody in the mail and then had to pay it forward to people that signed up to participate with me. Last week I was super surprised when my gift showed up in the mail!This adorable box was created for me! It has cute little raindrop stamps on it. The lid also opens and there were other treasures inside. The best part was this little moustache stamp that I plan on using many many times. I might have to buy an O magazine just so I can give Oprah a moustache in every picture.

Unfortunately no one signed up with me to Pay It Forward so I'll just keep having little giveaways of my paintings to pay it forward in my own way! I hope to have another one posted on Friday!!!


little t jane said...

ha ha! so cute! thanks!!! i'm so happy you received my PIF safe and sound. that box was made with lots of good cheer to good music. thank you bunches again for joining my PIF fun and carrying on with crafty kindness :D all good wishes!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

OH so cute!!!!!!!


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