Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Help Wanted

Last weekend I had a garage sale with friends. This can be a good and bad thing. Good because you have more stuff to sell, bad because you have more stuff that you can buy! I mean, when it's just your stuff it's not like you are going to buy it back. When other people's stuff is in the mix it makes it tricky. I ended up with two hats and a cross stitch pattern. Thing is...I don't cross stitch. I've thought about it, tried it a time or two and as adorable as I think it looks it's just not my thing. I get bored easily.

Either way when I saw this cross stitch I thought it was crazy cute and I handed over my quarter. I absolutely love the RVA and Elsie Blog so I might see if Elsie herself wants it for her shop. I think it would look super cute in her shop window when she is hiring!

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