Thursday, August 13, 2009

At capacity!

I've been collecting salt and pepper shakers for some time now. I'm going to guess it's been about 7 years, but man can I lose track of time. I'll think things were yesterday and find out it happened when I was 10. I think I have officially decided that the salt and pepper shaker collection has reached capacity. I want to avoid the moment when they take over the whole kitchen...which they have tried to do many times. I've limited myself to the shelves only. As new ones came in, I would shuffle out some that I didn't like as much. Now, I don't have any that aren't my absolute favorite. If anymore come in, I don't know what I would have to get rid of. So, I think I'm done. Well, until I see that pair that I just can't resist! Here is the collection as it stands now. My most recent pair are the cute little English guards that Wendy brought me back from her recent trip. What do you collect?


Kerri T said...

ok, the tits and leg S&P shakers killed me! lol

Melissa said...

I collect dolls!
I have an Attic Baby collection that consists of over 300 dolls, all soft cloth and many over 20 inches tall.
Right now most are in boxes in the garage but my hubby put shelves up in our massive walk in closet just for them! As soon as I get some motivation I will be putting them all out. :0)
When I was in my 800 sq foot apartment I put out as many dolls as I could and when new peeps came over to the crib they would stand at the front door with their jaw dropped. Yes, indeed, it looked like some one puked and it came up Attic Babies...all over my house!
Oh, and I collect My Scene Barbies, and Sunshine Family Dolls and accessories, and other 70's dolls and toys. Plus I really like antique composition or bisque tiny babies. I have several wall display cases of those. Oh, and I love sunflowers for my kitchen. :0)
Aren't you glad you asked???
Ha! :0P

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

OMG, you are the absolute coolest, and what's this I hear about your tattoo collection?????????

Debbie said...

I too collect S & P shakers, Betty Boop Style. I have a large BB collection and about 5 pairs of S & P shakers so far. How cute!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing collection! I started collecting them too (mostly animal ones), but had to stop when I ran out of room!


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