Monday, August 31, 2009

Knitting again!

I'm happy to say I'm knitting again! It's been far far too long, but I must admit that I got a little burnt out. Plus, it's hard to knit in the summer cause it's just so warm. While camping this weekend I took a pattern with me that I purchased from an Etsy seller called Year of the Goat. A friend of mine is a dancer and she wanted some leg warmers. I have one side about half way done and so far so good. I can't wait to see how they come out!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Too short...

As always the camping adventure was too short! So beautiful and relaxing, but I really could have used a couple more days. All in all it was a fun trip, even with the stupid toe. For some reason though I'm thinking the Manion group had waaaay more fun than we did.
That sign just screams good times!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh no toe!

Of course, the camping trip couldn't go on without some sort of hitch. The drive up was smooth, the smoke cleared in a couple hours, but then this happened.
Looks nice doesn't it? What you probably haven't noticed is the right big toe. The one that looks completely nude in color. That would be because it is covered in bandaids. That would be because the ingrown toenail is back. That would be the ingrown toenail that has been surgically removed twice. That would be the ingrown toenail that was not supposed to grow back because it was fried with acid. Yep, that would be the one.

If I wasn't holding the camera while sitting in the middle of the lake you would see that I'm giving the toe the biggest middle finger.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Today the hubby and I took the day off and set into the woods for some camping adventures! Driving up it was a little scary because the smoke was thick and we seemed to be the only ones going up the mountain. We trudged on and found a great site!

All it took was a couple hours for the dog to look like pig pen.
Apparently I'm not the only one that will be needing a bath on Sunday.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What's your sign?

Another cool little giftee that I was given by my mother in law is this cool tablecloth. It apparently is by zodiac incense company so it has all the signs of the zodiac on it. Funky and fun! The only thing that weirds me out is I feel like I need to have a seance while sitting around it or offer up some sacrifice. Weird I know. I think it has something to do with the star in the middle. Problem= weird middle star. Solution= lazy susan! Have you ever wondered what would happen if you spun a lazy susan as fast as you could? I did. The outcome wasn't pretty.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

They're Back!

Long time blog readers will remember a post last year about rats. Yep, rats. Our neighbor's eaves are home to a bunch of rats. We have some power/cable lines that run from the pole to the house and unlucky for them the rats use this tight rope as a means to get into their roof. Honestly, I don't know how the neighbors don't hear it! Well, I do actually, cause they are probably drunk but that's a whole other blog post.

Last year the rats disappeared, after many a night of me hollering "rats" and taking pictures I think the neighbors caught on. The rats didn't stay away long and are now back. I took a picture but I know I got a lot of grossed out "Ew, it's a rat" comments so I figured I'd save you the grossness.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Help Wanted

Last weekend I had a garage sale with friends. This can be a good and bad thing. Good because you have more stuff to sell, bad because you have more stuff that you can buy! I mean, when it's just your stuff it's not like you are going to buy it back. When other people's stuff is in the mix it makes it tricky. I ended up with two hats and a cross stitch pattern. Thing is...I don't cross stitch. I've thought about it, tried it a time or two and as adorable as I think it looks it's just not my thing. I get bored easily.

Either way when I saw this cross stitch I thought it was crazy cute and I handed over my quarter. I absolutely love the RVA and Elsie Blog so I might see if Elsie herself wants it for her shop. I think it would look super cute in her shop window when she is hiring!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Holy Family

I have a very old family bible and recently was reminded that there was something in the bible that I wanted to share with all of you.....The notorious Jim and Tammy Faye Baker. Wow. Is this their wedding shot? The wedding of the girl to the right of them? If so, where is the husband? Will the mascara run if I get the picture wet? So many few answers.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Moustache anyone?

A while back I signed up to participate in a Pay It Forward project with the blog Little T Jane. The deal was that I would get a little surprise goody in the mail and then had to pay it forward to people that signed up to participate with me. Last week I was super surprised when my gift showed up in the mail!This adorable box was created for me! It has cute little raindrop stamps on it. The lid also opens and there were other treasures inside. The best part was this little moustache stamp that I plan on using many many times. I might have to buy an O magazine just so I can give Oprah a moustache in every picture.

Unfortunately no one signed up with me to Pay It Forward so I'll just keep having little giveaways of my paintings to pay it forward in my own way! I hope to have another one posted on Friday!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

You're a Winner!

I threw all the names into a hat and drew one name out! The winner of the artwork is.......


I don't think I still have your address so shoot me an email at stacey ball (at) gmail (dot) com and I will put your package in the mail next week! Hope you enjoy your paintings. I plan on doing many more giveaways for the paintings so stay tuned for more to come!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Testing 1, 2, 3

So today is the BIG EXAM. I haven't taken an exam in well over 10 years so to say that I'm freaked would be an understatement. I'm taking the life/heath licensing exam so I can forget everything there is to know about life insurance and just deal with health. Yep, that's the goal! I've been studying, but seriously have NEVER been a good test taker. I was always really good at all the other stuff. That said, I'm going to go in with my head held high feeling certain that I will score a 70%...which is exactly what is needed to pass. If I fail? Well, please just let it not be with a score of 69%!

I'll know the results of the test immediately, so check back in the blog later today where you will either see a picture of me having a celebratory drink or drinking my sorrows away!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's a masterpiece!

I can't quit painting. I love it and seriously just find it so relaxing! I still have a bunch of these little pallet canvases so last night I decided to do a funny little series of paintings...which I can show you!They are my breakfast series! I didn't make these for any particular reason other than I thought they would be funny and cute. Let's have a closer look shall we? We have I'm Fried. I'm Toasted. I'm Juiced. I was originally going to paint an orange on this one, but because of the size of the canvas I thought a glass of juice would be better.

I also have made a firm decision in regards to any paintings that I do. I'm not going to sell them. They are only for giving. Which is why I'm showing you these...cause they are for you! Well, not all of you, but I thought I'd have a little drawing for all three pieces. Leave a comment by Friday at 5pm if you'd like to win the breakfast set. I'll do a drawing and announce the winner on Saturday morning. Remember, if it's easier for you to do the "Anonymous" option when leaving a comment, just make sure you do actually write your name/contact info somewhere so I know how to contact you!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day dreaming of deliciousness!

Do you ever have a meal that leaves you daydreaming about it even after you have had it? Like you can't wait to eat it again? For breakfast lunch and dinner? Last night I had that type of meal! It started with a recipe on Gary's blog for his Potato Burritos. I thought they sounded absolutely yummy. Then, this weekend we went out to Davis and took home a big bag of tomatillos.
Fresh tomatillo salsa is yummy! I used the following recipe. Cut tomatoes in half (I probably had about 2 pounds) and place on a cookie sheet. Broil until skins darken, but do not burn. Dump in a blender. Add half diced yellow/white onion, two garlic cloves, one bunch of chopped cilantro, half an avocado, salt to taste, 1 small can diced green chilies, 1 jalapeno or chili pepper of your choice. Blend until smooth. The final product is DEVINE!

I then took Gary's recipe and added some zucchini and I'll admit I used real sausage and real cheese. I dumped a big spoonful of the salsa inside each burrito before heating them up and then more on the top after they were done. Oh my goodness. It was heaven on a plate. The hubby LOVED them and now we have a bunch for leftovers...which I will also be having for lunch today.

If I am ever in a situation where I'm asked what will my last meal be...right now it's this one!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Favorite Piece

A couple months ago I went crazy and got rid of my giant jewelry box. It was one of those mammoth ones and it was filled to the gills. I was cutting back and decided to take out only what was important to me and get rid of the rest. Know what? I don't miss it at all. Plus, I was pretty much wearing the same pieces over and over again even when I did have all the options. It's also forced me to think about jewelry more instead of just buying everything that I like or because I feel like I need something new.

I thought I would share one of my favorite pieces with you. This was given to me by my mother in law. She has some great stuff and has handed random things down to me. I'll have to show you the cool tablecloth she gave me recently in a different post! Anyway, I think this necklace was made by her father using copper wire. He wasn't a jewelry maker, but decided to play around with some wire he had on hand. Amazing. One thing I do need are some copper earrings to go along with it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I love painting!

Lately I have really been in love with painting. I've been experimenting with different types of crafts and painting is definitely high on the favorites right now. It's so relaxing, almost meditative. You just zone out. It actually reminds me alot of coloring as a kid, I just loved to color. So far I have just been painting with acrylics, but I'm going to branch out and see what happens. Sorry I can't show you some of the masterpieces...they are all giftees and I don't want to spoil the surprise.

I figured since I couldn't show you a picture of them, I'd just show you Bob Ross instead. I mean, what is painting without Bob Ross. When I was younger I seriously used to think that Bob Ross and my Grandma would get married. Yes Grandma in Texas, I mean you. I always thought you would be perfect together!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bringing Sexy Back

We've had this conversation many times, but I'll tell ya again. I like tattoos. I can look at someone's tattoos like one might look at paintings in the MOMA. At the same time I do have particular likes and dislikes. I'm not a big fan of neck tattoos on the sides or front, face tattoos or all sorts of random bits and pieces mashed together into one tattoo that has no cohesiveness. I'm a big fan of large tattoos that are all one piece of artwork, I'm a big fan of unique tattoos that you will never see on anyone else and I'm a big big fan of a man with a sleeve. I don't know what it is, but have a clean slate of body and put a sleeve on one arm and I like it.

So, it is no surprise that I love my friend Chris's tattoo! Chris decided that he wanted to get another tattoo and he really wanted it to reflect the artwork of one of his favorite artists, David Ellis. Now most of us would just find a piece of art we liked and take it to a local shop. Not Chris. He contacted the artist to see if he would draw a piece custom for him....and he said yes. Then Chris did some research and found that some of the best tattoo artists in the world (yes I said world) are not located in the US at all...but in Japan. So, upon further research he found and contacted an artist by the name of Genko to do the piece. Then he bought himself a ticket to Japan and hit the road to get his tattoo. I'm sorry, but it just doesn't get anymore bad ass than that! Actually does.

Chris spent the next three days getting his tattoo, which was free handed by Genko. The results....
I can honestly say that this is the most bad ass and sexy tattoo I have ever seen in my life. Whether you like tattoos or not you cannot argue the artwork and skill that went into having this piece done. It flows with Chris's body perfectly...and we'll leave the body talk at that because this is my friend's brother!

Nice job Chris, you have official brought sexy back...from Japan.

Friday, August 14, 2009

When life gets you down.....

This week hasn't been the greatest. Car troubles never make things very fun. I was all geared up to do a blog post today about the car and the part that had to be replaced and blah blah blah. Can you say BORING and DEPRESSING?! That all turned around when I got home yesterday and there was a package sitting on my porch.

Jamie of Inspired Mess recently hosted a craft swap. Roughly 21 people signed up so that meant making 21 items and sending them to Jamie. Then, down the line I would get a package in the mail with 21 fun items from other crafters. That is just what arrived yesterday and I cannot tell you how fun it was to open up all the goodies. There were paintings, jewelry, notebooks, note cards, brooches and much much more. I want to give a huge thanks to all the lovely people that participated!
Thank you Aquafrolic, Sprys On A Wire, Kasey Foor, Jordan, Jamie, Johanna, Leslie, Mizz-Frizz, Brenna, Laura, Jamie, Chaotic Creation, Mindfully Simple, Two Crazy Kids, Ashley and A Pretty Simple Life. I know there are a couple more that participated, but I didn't see a name on your item so just know that you are thanked.

One item I received could not have been more perfect, or summed up my week better. Thank you to whoever made is now hanging in the collage on my bedroom wall.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

At capacity!

I've been collecting salt and pepper shakers for some time now. I'm going to guess it's been about 7 years, but man can I lose track of time. I'll think things were yesterday and find out it happened when I was 10. I think I have officially decided that the salt and pepper shaker collection has reached capacity. I want to avoid the moment when they take over the whole kitchen...which they have tried to do many times. I've limited myself to the shelves only. As new ones came in, I would shuffle out some that I didn't like as much. Now, I don't have any that aren't my absolute favorite. If anymore come in, I don't know what I would have to get rid of. So, I think I'm done. Well, until I see that pair that I just can't resist! Here is the collection as it stands now. My most recent pair are the cute little English guards that Wendy brought me back from her recent trip. What do you collect?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Get on the same page!

Driving around the area I live in there are all sorts of obstacles in the street to encourage you to slow down. It seems like new ones are popping up everywhere to keep the people commuting through the streets of downtown from doing so very quickly. There's just one thing that confuses me.Was it seriously that complicated to name them? There has to be four different terms for a long mound in the road that makes me slow down? I'm seriously thinking a sign that said "Slow the F&%$ Down!" would have been totally sufficient.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bouton Blue

I've been doing some soul searching lately. No, not really, just some realistic thinking is more like it. While I love the crafting community I have never felt super inspired by selling my crafts. I'm more of a "look what I made you" type of girl. I never wanted to give up though because again, I loved being in the crafting community. I finally realized that even if I don't sell I still will be part of it. My involvement with IndieSac gives me just what I need. I like planning events, I like teaching people how to make things, I like helping others sell their amazing crafts. That is satisfying for me.

So, I have finally come to the conclusion that I am done selling. I might start it up again, but right now getting stuff made to sell just feels like too much pressure. Funny thing, since I have decided this I have felt more creative than ever. I'm doing some paintings for Christmas gifts, finding items I want to knit (that are not just scarfettes) and much more.

I'm going to keep the Bouton Blue Etsy store, but it might remain empty unless I have a change of heart. Thanks to all of you that have been so supportive and purchased items from me. If you decide you want something I'm definitely open for commission items!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Easily addicted.

Those that know me know that I like to cook. Those that don't know me, well, I like to cook. This means that I'm always getting stuff for the kitchen. Which is tiny. Tiny and not wanting to fit anymore stuff. Yet, I keep bringing it in. This is why I have garage sales every year, cause I have to rotate my stock.

Lately at thrift stores I have been looking at the Pyrex. I'd like to replace my mixing bowls and just have Pyrex. They are so versatile. They go in the dishwasher, microwave, fridge and oven. Plus, many of them are very very cute. On Saturday I stopped in at a Goodwill and found two pieces of Pyrex that I really liked. This first is a cute small orange polka dot mixing bowl. This is the perfect bowl for dip, I like dip. The second is called The Cracker Barrel. The beauty of this is that I love Pyrex and I love The Cracker Barrel! Funny thing is this jar has nothing to do with the restaurant. It's literally a barrel for crackers. On the back it tells you how to keep your crackers crispy. It's currently holding the dog biscuits. Total loot: $3.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Way to Go J!

Today my nephew competed in his first triathlon! My dad and I went out to cheer him on and check it out. I was soooo bummed that I didn't have my nice camera with me. I did get some cute ones from the point and shoot. He started first with the swim..and what a good swimmer he was!He was such a good side breather and made his swimming auntie super proud when he hopped out of the pool 2nd. Then it was off to the biking..That's him in the black pants walking to the bike starting line. We didn't see too much of the bikes because we wanted to be in a good place for the run. I know he rode fast though because my brother was running around like a chicken with his head cut off! And finally it was time for the run..Now this is the point where I would have died, but not Jason...he ran fast as he could and made it to the finish line in no time flat!! I was so impressed by his performance, we definitely have a great athlete in the family.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

I tried....

Today I was inspired to craft. I saw the cutest idea for a necklace and wanted to give it a shot myself. I used to make jewelry years ago, but aside from button rings I haven't done a whole lot. Now, let me start by saying that this was not my idea. I saw it on one of the blogs I like and for the life of me I cannot think who it was. I was just being a copy cat crafter.It was a combination of a friendship bracelet and gold chain. It came out ok, but definitely not as cute at the original. The friendship bracelet part is too stiff and I can't figure out a good way to attach it to the necklace part. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

Friday, August 07, 2009


Even the most terrible day can be cured instantly by coming home to this.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Looking Back

A couple weeks ago the hubby and I cleaned out the garage and I got motivated to go through old albums and kind of clean out. I've been handed down alot of albums from family but they were all just crammed in a cabinet and a complete mess. Going through old pictures is so much fun. So, because I have nothing better to blog about, I thought I would share some fun things with you about me. I mean this blog is all about me right?! Let's start with one of the cutest things..I mean seriously? I was willing to pass over money for an apple and dental floss? I must have been trying to win some brownie points with that one. Speaking of brownie...
I'm the one on the right, the one taller than all the other girls my age. The shirt says "Here comes a Brownie"...I love this shirt! I was a brownie and my mom was the troop leader. This pic was taken before a birthday party at the skating rink. In my opinion I am saying "Take the picture mom" in this picture. I wish I could tell you a single name of one of the girls standing to my left. I loooooved roller skating as a kid. Roller skating was the first activity that gave me a broken bone, my left wrist. I've been a clutz my whole life and that broken wrist was only the beginning. Oh, around this time, I also was in love with Eddie Rabbit and was certain we would marry. Moving on.The other thing I loved was swimming. This picture reflects the terrible haircut that my father let me get. I had long flowing hair and went with him for his haircut and convinced him that I wanted mine cut off too. He believed me unfortunately. On the back it says I was 4'11"...I was 10. This picture also marks another broken bone, my neck. Shortly after this picture was taken I would dive into a pool and hit my head on the bottom and not swim for the rest of the year. I still loved swimming though and it never stopped me from diving in again, once the neck healed of course.Finally, this is by far my favorite Halloween costume of all time. I was in 7th grade. I knocked on many doors and was told I was too old to be trick or treating. They probably thought I was in high school. I got the idea that I wanted to be a box of popcorn and my mom carried it out perfectly. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, but no costume ever topped this one. Oh, and thankfully this evening I didn't break anything.


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