Friday, July 10, 2009

Wreck this journal!

I've been pretty good about playing around with my Wreck this Journal. What I've been doing is just flipping to a page at random and trying to do it. Some pages are a work in progress as you constantly add to them. Some I have to pass too because I don't have the supplies required....or I'm not about to shower. Yes, at some point I will be taking the book into the shower. I might have to save that one till the end! My favorite page this week was the envelope doodle page. I did this page the night before I had to go get my mammogram so I was stressed out about the lump and was just trying to remind myself that there would be a rainbow again!You can see pictures of all the pages on Flickr!

1 comment:

katie jean said...

so what happened with your mammogram?


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