Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wreck this journal!

I used to journal quite a bit. I'd write nightly and wrote poetry a lot. If you've read Pillsplace for a while you might remember sonnet Sundays. I now always think that I don't journal much, but then again I write in Pillsplace everyday so that has to count for something!

I recently saw a journal called "Wreck This Journal." The concept is simple, follow the directions on each page. I thought this would be a fun project so I picked one up and am trying to do a page each day. I figured once a week I would post about a favorite page. Journal about a journal, is that even allowed?!

So far I have only done one page so that is what you get to see.I poked my holes, which reminded me of something. When I was a young girl I once poked a bunch of holes in the back of a bus seat and had to pay to have it repaired. That translates into, sorry Mom that you had to pay for my destructiveness. Stay tuned for more Wreck This Journal updates!


melissa kaye said...

I have one too! I just got it a week ago and so far I've complete a few pages that I'll have to post too. It's fun and therapeutic. Can't wait to see more of your pages as you finish them.

Sarah said...

That journal sounds awesome! I may have to get one too!

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, You do not need to say you are sorry to me...I am glad that you had that experience and it was a learning experience. That is what life is all about.
Love MomD


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