Saturday, July 25, 2009

Take a peek!

Today I started the day early and headed to the Denio's Market and Auction in Roseville. I haven't been here in ages and wanted to go and check out what they had to offer. For those that haven't been, Denio's has a combination of farmers market, Made in China world and garage sale type finds. I was interested in the garage sale finds because I just wasn't in the market for a 50 pack of $5 tube socks...although I did find some sexy pink hot shorts which I might still be regretting that I didn't purchase!

The first find of the day was this cute little coloring book...It was gnomes so I had to get it AND it was only $1. Then I bought the hubby a diecast car with E.T. on it because E.T. is cute in a wrinkly alien way. Finally...I bought a couch. Well, it's more of a love seat really. We wanted a new chair for the living room that was bigger and might allow two people to sit on it. I saw this gem tucked behind an ugly chair and it was in FANTASTIC almost like new condition. It is loving it's new place in the living room.

Overall, a fantastic day of thrifting around!


Melissa said...

Oh, I do so like the Gnome book.
You might have to scan some of it and email it to me. :0)

melissa kaye said...

I love gnomes! I've never seen a gnome book like this. How cool! :-)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...


New Dawn Alison said...

Hi Stacy - I was raised at Denio's in the early 70's. I spent many days in the sun on the hot pavement. Where else did we get on fruit & veggies? My dad loves garage sales and was in deep depression as Denio's included "50 tube socks for $5" and garage sale items. Hey, I took the plunge. Years of reading your blog has inspired me. I'm only on day 4 but it's been fun. I can't wait to get to some fun topics, crafts, etc. I'm proud of the Rebif picture. I took that picture myself, cropped it and then copied it to my blog. It looks like clip art from their website.


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