Thursday, July 09, 2009

Stop buggin me!

The other night while sitting on the couch I started to hear what sounded like a large bird slamming himself into my screen door and porch walls. I got up to check it out and for a while I could see nothing, then suddenly there appeared a very large bug that was violently throwing himself into the porch. It was like he was in his own private mosh pit.

The next morning when I went to leave for work I noticed that he was sitting in the corner of the screen (outside thankfully) and just seemed to be hanging out there. Today, he is still there so apparently he has found a new home. The hubby thinks he might be molting. He may just be suffering from some serious head trauma after all the banging around he did.

I must admit I find him fascinating and horrifying all at the same time. If you weren't paying attention before....he is VERY LARGE!I'll be fine as long as he stays on the outside of the screen. The inside of the house has no vacancy for visitors right now.


Reebs said...

ech! no, its a glassy wing sharp shooter! I got into a fracas with one a few weeks ago-it wouldn't get off our screen. They make the grossest noise too...

melissa kaye said...

YIKES! I'm a big wuss, so I would be scared. lol

Pink Petunia Designs said...

Those are the same bugs that are up at the cabin. They are not even supposed to be in this area. They are supposedly June bugs. They usually have big eyelashes but his look kinda shrunken. Interesting. That poor guy must have rode home on somebodies trailer. Definitely out of his element.


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