Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mushroom Wars!

I've always hated mushrooms. I hated them even more as a kid, and can tolerate them as an adult if they are cooked and mixed in with other things. The smell of them sauteing makes me want to gag. I really don't like mushrooms.

When Whisky was just a pup we were told by his breeder that one of his litter mates had died recently. The dog lived in the Sacramento area and had eaten a mushroom in the backyard that made him sick and ultimately killed him. Like a mother with a newborn I went into a frantic searching the backyard high and low for mushrooms. I'd never seen mushrooms back there before, but I do see them growing in the neighborhood so I had to take caution. Over the next few months the mushrooms came. It is a never ending battle, I pick them and then after watering I go out the next morning and there they all are again. Taunting me with their delicate white tops threatening to kill my dog. I can't figure out if they have always grown back there or if they are suddenly there on a mission to mess with my head.

Either way, I hate mushrooms even more! Anyone know how to kill mushrooms??

1 comment:

Sarah said...

No idea how to kill them, but they are freakin' gross.


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