Monday, July 27, 2009

I think I'm a Rockstar.

We've had the guitar hero world tour for a while now, but as of late it hasn't been played very much. Even after we bought the Metallica version it just sat there collecting dust. On Sunday I got the drummer itch and the hubby and I decided it was time to rock the house for a while. Then, we realized there was a new game out, Guitar Hero Smash Hits. It's basically a collaboration of all the popular Guitar Hero songs. Of course, I picked it up at Sam's Club yesterday.

Today was a crummy day and I wanted to do nothing more than bang on something with sticks so as soon I got home we opened the game and played...for almost two hours! I even have a blister to prove it. It was so much fun and now I just want to be at home drumming away. As my girlfriend Melissa said, my theme song is definitely....

"I don't wanna work...I wanna bang on the drum all day."

1 comment: Maegan said...

The drums are my FAVORITE! I love it so much. It makes me giggle with glee. I actually broke one set I played them so hard...ahahahlol!


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