Friday, July 24, 2009

The giving tree....

One thing I love about living in our neighborhood is the trees. Each house has a big tree in front that shades the entire street. It makes for very nice shade on the 100+ days. The other night I was sitting in the house, alone, at about 10:30pm when I noticed a camera flash outside the window. I got a little freaked, but when I looked out I realized that the people across the street were taking pictures. The girl was in the V of the tree and her boyfriend/husband/whatever was taking pictures of her. This wasn't the oddest thing I've seen at that house so I just shrugged it off and shut the blinds.

When I got home yesterday I realized why there was a tree photo session going on. They cut down the tree! I don't know what the story is, heard something about a crack but that was from drunk neighbor who cannot be trusted often. I really hope there was something wrong with the tree and it wasn't just sent for slaughter. It really changes the dynamic of the street as we now have this big gaping hole.

I have fond memories of the Indian kids who used to live there, Fast Running Elk and High Flying Raven, playing in that tree and trying to squirt each other out with the hose. If you think I am kidding with those names....I definitely am not!


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