Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A girl walks into the Dr.

I try to keep this blog light hearted and fun, but this really is a daily journal of things that are important to me so sometimes we have to keep it real. It's just not always knitting adventures and bake offs.

Last week I felt a lump in my breast. I don't do self exams as often as I should, but when I did it was scary. Dread is the first feeling. Although I was certain it was there, I tried telling myself that maybe I was feeling nothing. I had the hubby and some friends do a little poking around only to confirm what I was feeling....a lump.

Yesterday, I called the Dr. He did an exam and felt right away what I, and all the others I let feel me up, had been feeling. I was given a referral for a mammogram. That happened today. I am so happy to be reporting that there is nothing wrong. Not sure exactly what caused it, but there is absolutely nothing to worry about. It's a relief.

At the same time it is sad. Sad because I just sat in a breast center waiting room FULL of women. Many were over 40 and may have just been having their regular exam....but many were young. I got very lucky today, but someone in that waiting room may not have been so lucky. It is hard not to think of that. My heart and breasts will be heavy today thinking of those that don't find out it's nothing.

I hope what you take away from this is...do self exams! Thanks for reading through this post. I know it's not a typical Pillsplace post, but it was important to get out there!


Vicki =o) said...

SOOOO glad to hear that everything is ok!

aquafan said...

Totally, so happy to hear things are well with you.

Breast cancer is like the most bitter juxtaposition of elements. It's like finding a cyanide pill underneath a slice of pepperoni on your favorite pizza, or enjoying a spin on a glorious carousel, when mid-ride, the pole snaps and impales you.

Why can't disease just leave boobies alone?! They're life-givers, yo!

Peptogirl said...

SO happy to hear you got a clean bill of health! That's so scary!

Sarah said...

Stacy, I am so glad to hear that you are ok! I was definitely worried about you after the little hints you were dropping on Facebook. It definitely is bitter sweet and good to be grateful, but I am so so so happy to hear you're 100% healthy. Thank you for sharing.

Rain said...

OMG Stacey! How scary! I'm so happy that there wasn't anything there! Here's a BIG HUG!!!


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