Sunday, July 12, 2009

Get Into The Groove

Water aerobics has been going fantastic. I typically have at least 5 ladies in each class and on hot days much much more. I have learned how to push myself hard to get the best workout and feel it the next day. I try to vary up the workout and add new ideas and moves as I come up with them. The knee is doing wonderful and I can now go up and down stairs. I should have got in the pool three days a week a year ago!

What I need now is some good music. I have created four different playlists that I rotate through, but they are getting boring. I need more. So, I'm calling all my Pillsplace readers. Please, if you wouldn't mind, could you share with me one song that makes you want to move and groove! Variety is the spice of life so all styles are welcome. Help a sista out!!


Reebs said...

I tried!!! There's one CD sitting right next to me but I ran out of discs.

Sarah said...

Oh man! I'd love to comment, but I have never done water aerobics, so I'm not sure what type of music would be appropriate and I'm currently sitting in a lounge at the Westin listening to some sweet jazz, so I can't think of anything else....what a run on sentence. Hopefully I can think about it and get back to you....Good question though!

johnna said...

How many BPM? I may have some stuff on my iPod that I can bring to the US with me.

katie jean said...

I love water aerobics! All the different ages and body sizes, I don't feel self conscience there. I didn't know that you were a teacher! It sounds like you are having fun.

I just bought an old record of Henry Mancini. He did all of "The Pink Panther" music. It's kinda fun to listen to!


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