Saturday, July 18, 2009

An Eight Pack!

Remember back when I started tomatoes in the house and I had over 30 plants and I was really trying to figure out what I was going to do with all the tomatoes? Well, the answer was kill them. After things got transplanted into the garden all but one plant died. That one plant sat there for what seemed like 6 months and didn't grow and inch. I kept telling the hubby we should just pull it and he was determined it would come around. Oh heavens has it come around! It now stands almost 5 feet tall and just started sprouting cherry tomatoes. They look COMPLETELY different than the cherry tomatoes from the Home Depot plant. For one they are bright green. Secondly, the grow in eight packs! You don't see sporadic placement, instead they are all clustered together in little eight packs (ok, maybe 9 packs since I just counted the tomatoes in the picture). It's adorable...I can't wait for them to turn red!!!

1 comment:

Debbie said...

Cute. I can't wait for my tomatoes to turn red too!


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