Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Are you sick of gardening yet?

I know I have probably overwhelmed you with gardening photos, so I promise to make this my last post. It was just so exciting having our own garden this year that I couldn't contain myself. Well if you think I am a green thumb then you haven't met my hubby's sister and her hubby yet. Out at their house in Davis they produce the most wonderful produce you have ever seen. They pretty much don't have to go shopping for fruit or vegetables at all in the summer. You have everything from winter squash, green beans, carrots, melons, spinach and more tomatoes than you can shake a dry spaghetti noodle at! I went out last week and took some pictures of this amazing yard and you can see them all on Flickr. Bill and I have three things going out there this year, pumpkin, cantaloupe and wild horseradish. We did horseradish last year and a bunch more came back this year. Check it out!

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