Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another gem!

I also went to a thrift store this weekend just to round out my recycled shopping. It wasn't a hugely successful trip and I found myself picking items up and then abandoning them as I was walking towards the door. Yep, I'm one of THOSE people.

Then I found an item that I kind of fell in love with. The whole time I was carrying it to the register I was asking myself, was I really going to do this? Where the heck was I going to put this? Is this one of those things that I'm going to regret later because it is ugly? I decided it was worth the risk and handed over $5. Now that it is in my house I am happy to say I love it! It's a small quilt/throw made entirely out of vintage polyester fabric. How ugly and fantastic is that?! I threw it on the spare bed and totally love the pop of color. So for now, I am happy with my polyester find!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

worth 5 bucks, yes indeedy....

Melissa said...

Man, I wish you would have called me, I would have loved to go with ya!!
Very cute find!
I got some cute 70's pleather plaques that I can't wait to show u.
Woot!! Love me some garage sales!

amy said...

omg--my grandmother has its twin.

Rain said...

It definitely is a gem! My sister's godmother made me a baby doll quilt similar to that when I was five. I just loved it! I still have it in storage at my parent's house!

Sarah said...

Not ugly at ALL. LOVE it. Very jealous!! And the pillow goes superbly with it!


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