Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's in a name?

The hubby has a collection of baseball cards from when he was a kid. Last week we were talking about them for some reason and he brought up one specific player. I was laughing my head off and figured it was just the hubby playing games and using fictitious names. He swore though that the ball player in question was ACTUALLY named that. I was then on a mission to find said baseball card.

While digging through the cards I found other cards equally as fantastic. There are a whole bunch of these..I so love the captions under the action cards. I'm sure it's hard to see in this post, but for example the one on the lower right says "Princess Leia confronts Luke." Bet you wouldn't have guessed that!

There are also a couple of these...Man, I really want to watch Star Wars and Superman now. Poor Christopher Reeve.

Now, for the grand finale, here is the baseball player card that I simply had to find!Seriously? When you were naming your kid...this is the name you came up with? I mean, he's doomed for harassment with the last name alone and then for kicks you thought you'd throw Rusty in front of it? Oh goodness. OK, so his last name is really supposed to be pronounced like Koontz and his first name is really Russell but you know that is not how people remember it!

I must admit it was fun looking through all the cards. There were definitely some sweet hairdos and moustaches in the collection. There were actually two that I recognized, Bobby Bonds and Tug McGraw. So, I only recognize them because of their sons...but that still counts!


Anonymous said...

That is AWESOME! Now, I'm on a mission to see if my old man co-workers know who he is.

NAB said...

HAHAHA so funny. BT is gonna get a kick out of this one!

Melissa said...

My hubby and I are laughing our you-know-what's off!!
That truly is hilarious!!


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