Monday, June 01, 2009

Soft as a baby!

This weekend I decided to take matters into my own hands. Those matters feet! Ever since I had the ingrown toenail complications I've been more hesitant of going to get a pedicure. I don't believe that they gave me the problem, but I don't believe that they helped it either. Plus, I have a HUGE basket full of polish and always used to do my own pedis. My feet were so much softer then!So, to tackle the problem myself I went to Rite Aid and purchased myself a Ped Egg. I've tried a couple things on the tough heel, but most items just make it smooth for a second and then rougher. Not the Ped Egg! My feet are smooth as satin and have never felt this good. It was completely painless, not too messy (if done over a towel) and saved me a bundle. Now I have pretty feet that are ready to show their stuff this summer. I don't really know what kind of stuff they are going to show you, but at least they will be soft doing it!

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Anonymous said...

I've owned one for about 2 years and it's amazing; recommendation from Rosie O'Donnell's blog years ago. My friend, Jennifer, even sent me a pink breast cancer ribbon one. We often share unusual things we find with pink breast cancer ribbons. I live and die by this little guy. Yes, over a towel works best. I have had cracked creepy summer feet for years but no more.


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