Sunday, June 28, 2009

A piece of art!

I mentioned a couple posts ago about a kick ass painting project that I was going to show you. Have you all just been sitting in anticipation?? I'm sure you haven't, so here we go. Like all things...we'll start with a story. Our BBQ broke. It was gas and we decided to just go back to the roots and get a charcoal grill. We checked them out online, and in stores and decided to just go with a basic Weber. As luck would have it the hubby's sister had an old Weber sitting in the backyard collecting dust. It wasn't in great shape, but we could have it.

When we got the grill it had no handles, one leg was falling off, the inside grates were nasty and it was very scratched up. That's when the gears in our heads started turning. What if we just cleaned it up? I did a little research and found that they made high heat spray paint for just this purpose. So, we bought some new grates for inside, bought a new leg assembly and went shopping for high heat paint. The paint came in black, silver or copper. The gears started spinning again and I bought both the black and the copper.

I wanted a BBQ with flames! The hubby scrubbed the BBQ down and using old fence posts created some beautiful new handles. After hours of cleaning, taping, painting and assembling the new grill is ready for action!I think it's the most beautiful grill I've ever seen. I can't wait to have you all over for burgers! You can see the step by step process on Flickr.


Peptogirl said...

That's awesome!!! When I saw the photo I thought Uh oh is that safe? But it sounds like you thought of everything. Great job!

Sarah said...

Amazing! The world needs more people like you. No joke. It's good to know that there are people that take the time to fix up something that still works more or less, rather than run out and buy something me....shameful.

My mouth is WATERING thinking of enjoying a good old American burger from your grill. The Aussie beetroot burgers just don't cut it. At. All. Blech!


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