Friday, June 19, 2009

I love old photos!

I have a slight obsession with old photographs. I've been handed down photo albums by my mom, my dad and my grandpa and sometimes it is a kick in the pants to look through them. I also love cheesy lines like "it's a kick in the pants!"

I was looking through some albums this morning so I could find the PERFECT picture to post for Father's Day. You got so seem my mom in her blond lovely wedding day glory and I really wanted to do the same for dad. Oh, did I find the perfect picture to represent my dad...two in fact. You'll have to wait for those beauties till Sunday. Man, I wish my dad had a computer!

I did find some exceptionally cute pictures of my sister. I have quite a few pics of my sister and brother long before I ever came along. They are fun to look at and every once in a while I hand them down to them. Tami...I have a BUNCH of pictures for you! Here are some of my favorites...Doesn't she make the cutest cowgirl? A lot of my family are ranchers and when you go there it is a MUST to put on the full attire...well when we were kiddos at least!I don't know where to even begin with this one. The dress/nightgown or the beehive hair?! I must admit though I'd put that chair in my house in a second. And finally...Tami doing her best impression of Farrah Fawcett hair! Loooove the feathering. Oh, and especially love the vest that looks like what my dog's bed is lined with. Oh, the 70's.

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melissa kaye said...

This is awesome! I love finding old photographs--I have a bunch I still need to scan and post. :) Thanks for sharing!


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