Sunday, June 07, 2009

Helping the gimp.

Recently my dad had knee replacement surgery so the hubby and I went over and spent the night with him to give him a little help. I was surprised by how self sufficient he was, taking care of most things himself...just enjoying the company more than anything.

When we arrived we noticed a bird that kept flying in and out of a plant that he had on the front porch. The hubby thought that there was a nest in there so I went and took a closer look. Super cute with 5 pale blue eggs! My dad said they had been in there for a while now and should be hatching anytime. How cute!

Another high point was a little gift that he gave me while I was there. My dad has been enjoying the watch jewelry that I've been wearing lately and he had a box of old watches from my Grandpa. My grandfather had quite a collection of watches, most of them pocket watches which my dad has displaced in a gorgeous case in the hall. Pops gave me the box of watches with some great treasures inside...two of which I'll have to have made into jewelry. The other three are wrist watches and I plan on changing the batteries and wearing them. This first one is my favorite by Langine. It has a gorgeous green face and that perfect antique gold shade. Second up is a Paul Buhre. Also a fantastic vintage face. This one is ticking, but needs a new band. I think I'm going to put a leather one on there just to jazz it up. And finally...a good old Timex! I can't wait to get these beauties fixed up and start wearing them!

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Som's Studio said...

Aw, the nest with the 5 eggs are sooo cute!!


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